Functional training comprises a series of exercises that simulate the movements of the body in real life, with the aim of working on the muscle groups altogether. Skills such as balance, stamina, coordination, strength and flexibility improve with this type of training, making our everyday lives easier and greatly reducing the risk of injury.


On this basis, functional training for kids serves as a precursor to resistance training later on in life, helping children to develop their general body strength, whilst learning about the importance of doing some exercise daily and the benefits this brings.


Furthermore, kids can do functional exercises, but always bearing in mind that the use of free weights or medicine balls must be carried out under the strict supervision of an adult.


functional exercise for kids

It is important to remember that children’s bodies are growing and developing constantly up to the age of 21. This is why you must be very careful when doing exercises that require the use of weights.


In spite of this, if we are to analyze some interesting data coming from leading world institutions such as the  American Academy of Paediatrics, we will see that knee injuries in children and adolescents have increased over the years.


In line with these results, researchers and doctors from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia claim that over the last ten years they have seen an increase of more than 400% in sports injuries in children.


This shows that functional training can respond to the imperative need for kids to receive appropriate sports training from a young age, preventing future injuries and enabling children to enjoy sport in a happy, educational and healthy way.





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