Conditioning for MMA requires having well developed aerobic conditioning to be able to maintain a work to rest ratio of 1:2 to 1:4 of high-intensity activity to low-intensity activity. Further, the ability to maintain power during high-intensity activity will increase your chances of finishing your opponent.

MMA is a relatively new sport having only really started to grow in popularity since the first UFC event in 1993. Because of this, research is scarce when analyzing the sport of MMA. Much of the research dates back to the early 2010s which may not be as applicable to how MMA is fought currently.

However, by taking an objective overview of the latest research combined with earlier research, we can draw observations that may positively influence your training.

In order to know what it takes to become a top MMA fighter and to fight within a professional organization, we must understand what differentiates the elite and non-elite MMA fighters.



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